Product Services

Product Services - Alynome makes it happen

Product Management, Web & Mobile UI/UX Design, & Agile Full-Stack Development

Compelling innovative products with immediate benefits and intuitive engaging user experiences are a must. Alynome provides advanced product management, web and mobile UI/UX design, Scrum, and agile full-stack software development expertise to your team, or delivers the entire product for you. Alynome makes it happen.

  • Adept at crafting detailed product requirements documents, product feature specifications, architectures, roadmaps, and user acceptance testing that deliver compelling solutions to customer problems on time.
  • Responsive web and mobile UI/UX design, wireframes, frictionless user journeys and sitemaps with front-end and back-end agile software development, SQL development, cybersecurity, workflow automation, e-commerce, and testing.
  • UI/UX heatmaps and application user flow visualizations combined with engagement data and user testing to improve UI/UX design, customer journeys, page speed, and conversion.
  • Adept at crafting detailed product user stories, product feature specifications, and roadmaps validated by user testing that deliver compelling customer experiences.
  • Scrum product owner, user stories, epics, product backlog, sprint planning, scrum board, and burndown reports with daily stand-up, sprint demo, and sprint retrospective meetings.
  • Works closely with all stakeholders including key leadership, development, marketing, inside and outside sales, support, and partners to prioritize new features, present products, provide product and sales training, secure new business, and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Insightful customer, market and competitive research guiding new product opportunities, product features, positioning, pricing, and market requirements documents that create competitive advantages.
  • Efficient product go-to-market and launch plans, detailed analytics KPI, reliable forecasts, and product lifecycle management that ensure revenue, ROI, and P&L objectives through all phases.
  • Organic search engine optimization including semantic web SEO friendly titles, descriptions, rich snippets, header tags, on-page keywords, internal linking, link text, social media tags, alt tags, accessibility tags, analytics tags, and XML sitemaps.
  • WordPress CMS custom theme templates, custom post loops and query, custom shortcodes, post category and tag definitions, permalink slug and meta SEO, plugin and user role configuration.
  • JIRA, Confluence, Git, Axure, Illustrator, Visio, Visual Studio Code, Chrome & Firefox developer tools, phpMyAdmin, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Tableau, Excel, Magento.
  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, React, RESTful API, MySQL, PHP, WordPress, Laravel, Python, Express, Java, Spring, Node.js, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, AWS, Apache.